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I really love how this narrator narrates these books. It’s so relaxing to let go and listen.
— Lisarami, Amazon reviewer
Definitely one the hottest books I have listened to recently. I will be following up in the next books in this series.
— Melinda Z, Amazon reviewer
The narrator did amazingly well bringing the book to life!
— Shellie Gear, Amazon reviewer
Her many different character voices are delightful. You always know who is talking and just what they are feeling. She puts real emotion into each character giving you a very highly entertaining listen. Her male voices are just as wonderful as her female ones. She really brought to life the story for me. The narrator knows how to pull you in.
— Cyn, Amazon reviewer
I could actually visualize the story.
— Nasreen Jahan, Amazon reviewer
the narrator was super and brought a new level to my reader experience.
— BreAnne Herron, Amazon reviewer
She slayed this story! The voices, the emotions were spot on. She really brought these characters to life! I actually went and looked at her other books that she’s narrated. I’m loving her voice!
— Sara, Vermont, Amazon reviewer
Mesmerizing! [She] performed well providing different tones for the various characters and showing the right amount of excitement, fear, and disappointment that kept me very interested.
— Kathleen C., Audible customer
I’d read the print version before [this] came out in audiobook form. I was concerned that no narrator could match the voice of Kate which I’d heard in my head. Well, I am pleased to say that [she] NAILED it. Vocal style, speed, clarity and expression were perfect for this book.
— Flagler Alumnus, Audible customer
I thought the narration was just perfect. . . the narrator had me sitting in my car longer than I needed to be after I arrived at my destination.
— Jenny B., Audible customer

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Raised in Northern California and currently lucky enough to have the Rockies as a backdrop, Cindy enjoys embarrassing herself in group exercise classes, amassing huge "To Try" restaurant lists on Yelp, walking, knitting, and telling stories to people she's never met. Also available via Deyan Audio, The Audio Flow, Blunderwoman Productions, Spoken Realms, and Findaway Voices. Thai and Spanish proficiency.

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